They told about us:

1. Nef - I've tried countless other variations on this software, and none of them worked perfectly. I wanna suggest a new feature but   
            I'm just too happy with it the way it is. Totally worth the money.

2. Carlos67 - Works perfectly on s2. Tried the rest, this is the real deal. Love the new delay feature. Would like a few voices to choose                    from if I'm being extra picky. Worth every penny + more and I rarely buy apps. Well done Dev!

3. Vincent - Love it give it 10

4. Jie Yang - 
This app is simply awesome!!! It helps me when I'm driving or at work!!!

5. Julianna - Still getting used to the in' and outs of the app, but already, I am very pleased! Thank you…(~_~)…j

6. Scott - Works great

7. rajbh
I am in love with this app .... it manages to answer every missed call when I am busy and can't pick the call .....
               It works really well on my HTC Desire HD .....