Best thing about a mobile phone is that you can call anyone anytime. A consequence of this is that anyone can call you anytime as well, even when you are driving, sleeping or busy in an important meeting.

Smart Receiver Pro is a cool app that gives you much more control over when you receive, reject or
miss the calls.  It has following features:

1)     When the phone rings: It will speak the caller ID details, i.e. caller name (if phone number is stored in contacts) or phone number for you. This is very helpful especially when your phone is in pocket, your phone is on the table and you are sleeping, you are driving etc.

2)     You can configure it to send a message back to the caller automatically if you are busy, in a meeting, driving, or on a date with your loved one and reject or miss a call.

3)     Alternatively it can show a popup when you reject or miss a call to select SMS from message templates or type a quick message if you don’t want to send message automatically.


The app smartly helps you in giving a good feel factor to your callers by informing them that their call is important for you without your manual intervention. This gives your caller a satisfaction that you will get back to them. This is a very useful app for someone who has to attend lots of calls every day from their clients, friends etc.


This app is currently available at an introductory price of $1.99.Much more useful features to come in future versions of this app. Buy now and you will get all future updates for free.


Easy to Use


* Start or stop whole application, speech or SMS features with a single click of a button on the main screen.
* Easy to use and customizable app as per your preferences (see the details below).
* Saves your valuable time by automatically replying with SMS or showing a popup to quickly choose a message from message templates to send.
* Very useful app for busy lifestyle.


Features in detail

Voice Features
* Speaks caller ID details (i.e. contact name if phone is stored in contacts or phone number otherwise) when the phone rings.
* Stops speaking as soon as you pick or reject the call.
* You can configure it to speak for all calls, calls from contacts only, unknown contacts etc.
* You can customize prefix message, which it speaks at the beginning.
* You can customize when it should speak message on the basis of ringer mode of your phone i.e. when your phone is in ringing, silent or vibrate mode, or always.
* You can customize how many times it repeats the message.
* You can control how fast SR speaks the caller id details.
* You can control the voice pitch.
* Even speaks the caller ID details when you are on another call, you don't have to see the phone screen to know who is calling and can continue your existing call.


SMS Features
You can set the app in Manual or Automatic Mode from main screen by clicking a button.


Manual Mode (Default Mode)
* Shows popup to quickly send SMS to the caller when you reject or miss the call.
* You can choose from pre-configured message templates in the popup as well, if you don't want to type a message.

* You can add, modify or delete message templates that will show up in the popup.

* You can quickly type SMS in the textbox and press send and you are done. It is smart enough to send it to the caller who just called you.
* You can customize for which type of contacts it should show the popup. i.e. contacts in phonebook, unknown contacts etc.


Automatic Mode


* When some person from your phone book contact list calls you, Smart Receiver automatically Sends SMS message to the caller when you reject or miss their call.
* You can also set customized SMS message for each contact in your phone book separately if you want.
* Black List certain contacts by Disabling Smart Receiver for particular contacts. Once disabled for a contact SMS will not be sent to that contact when you reject or miss the call of that contact.
* Can be used to send SMS even if the caller is not in your phone book. (This feature is disabled by default, but you can change it in settings).


Developed By: AndroidBeach


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Permissions explained


Read phone State: This is required by Smart Receiver to intercept the phone number of the incoming calls.

Send SMS: This permission is required to send SMS to the caller.

Read Contacts: This permission is required to identify if the caller exists in your phone book contacts.

Modify Audio Settings: This permission is required for Speech Settings to speak in different ringer modes.